Weather, Whether

Director: Barri Chase

Producer: Monica Robinson


Video of the Day - Oregon Music News


Ethereal. That's what Barri Chase told me the music video should feel like. Ethereal. 
This music video was made for City Squirrel, a band located in Portland, Oregon. I very much like their sound, which is what pulled me towards this project (plus I go to work with Barri, Monica, and Spike again).

The story is a simple one; a young girl wanders a forest and comes across a pond. In the pond she plays with the water, but soon disrupts the weather. Fearing the storm, she hides, but then welcomes the fresh rain.

Filming this was an adventure. To have absolute control over the rain, we did the scenes in Barri's backyard right next to her giant plants. Spike operated the water hose while Barri and I huddled behind the camera under an umbrella.

To help give Monica as many choices as possible for the edit, I shot the whole video at 60fps with correct exposure. I tend to expose for exactly what I want (ex: two stops under for a dark scene), but in this case I wanted to give Monica flexibility when it came to color correction.

On top of the 60fps, Barri also had me do some lens fracking for specialized effects. We really started to love the footage we were getting from it. I also got a basic fracking shot for Monica; lens cap on the lens and fracked the blank image. This way she could add the lens flare anywhere.

The second location was near the Salt River in Arizona. A tiny crew went out there and spent the day Terrance Maliking shots. We had a set list of requirements, but then we experimented with different angles, scenes, etc.; all to give more choices for the edit.

At the end of the day, I was pretty happy with the results.