The Watchman's Canoe

In 1969 Jett, a fair skinned Native American girl struggles to fit in with her peers on the reservation. After summoning the trees to shield her from her bullies she realizes her special connection with the surrounding nature. With the help of a tribal Watchman she embarks on a spiritual journey to discover her destiny.

This film is currently touring the film festival circuit and is unavailable for public online viewing. If you would like to screen this film for a sample of my work, please contact me via email.

Director: Barri Chase
Producer: Barri Chase


Official Selection - Covellite Film Festival 2017
Best Cinematography - Covellite Film Festival 2017
Official Selection - Gallup Film Festival 2017
Official Selection - Local Sightings Film Festival 2017


Barri Chase approached me to shoot her first feature early in 2015. To raise funds for the film, we shot a concept trailer to show prospective investors. The trailer was fantastic and an absolute blast to shoot. You can watch it here: You can find stills of the trailer here: LINK

Once Barri secured the funds, we dove right into prep for the feature. The story took place in the 1960's, so we both wanted it to feel like film even though we shot digitally. A detailed account of how we acheived the look of the film can be found here: Development Look, Production Look

In general, I decided to underexpose the entire film by three stops. A risky but rewarding move, but Barri and I felt confident in the results. The highlights felt very organic and rolled off while the shadows felt foggy and old. It was exactly what we wanted for the look of the film and we loved it.

We shot the movie on location in Coo's Bay, OR with a modest crew. My crew included Gaffer Jarrod Wilson, Key Grip Joe Paulet, 1st AC Mike Stanislawski, 2nd AC Renni Pollack, Data Manager Carly Olsson, and Swing G/E Jeton Brogen. All of them were invaluable to the success of the film and I can't wait to work with them all again. Special thanks to Steven Annis who stepped in to help G/E when they were short a few hands.

I used the Alexa Mini with Cooke Anamorphics. AbelCine was exremely accomdating for our camera tests and supplied the camera pacakge for the entire film.

Pirate Grip and Electric supplied the entire lighting package for the film and Jarrod Wilson went above and beyond to secure the proper equipment we needed for this low budget film.

Shooting with children as our main cast presented short schedules for Barri and I. We spent weeks preparing a plan to shoot the entire film, but we were both ready to roll with the punches when the kids were on set.

Our most challenging set up was the night time fog on open water scene. We used an indoor pool, roughly the size of 20'x40'. Details on how the set up was done will be released in an upcoming blog post soon.

I'm grateful to Barri for bringing me on to shoot her first feature. The results were stellar and the crew instantly became a little family. I look forward to the future of this darling story and can't wait to see what Barri is cooking up next.