Two best friends perform as living statues, but competition for money and attention destroy their relationship. A music video for Julia Klee's Talk.

The music video can be viewed here: Official YouTube

Director: Jacob Brooks
Producer: Carly Olsson


Julia Klee approached me to help her make a music video for her song Talk, which at the time exploded in traffic for her social media because of the video game Watch Dogs. We wanted to make a video that shared the same theme of the song, which dealt with friendships being broken.

The story was a developed around these two living statues losing their friendship over competition. I wanted to set a visual rule that the statues almost never move at all. The view exceptions that they do move will feel powerful because of the action speaks volumes.

I wanted to emulate expired film with the daylight sequences. Particularly to set a world of buskers, but also to help create a contrast from a happy feeling to a sad atmosphere at night.

To get the look for daylight, I tested out under exposing the image and then pushing it back up to normal exposure. I discovered this worked best at two stops under exposure, which milked the shadows just enough and smoothed out the highlight roll off very well. I shot the night scenes normally without any under/over exposure.

I planned the shots around the sun waiting for certain angles to work better and simply shooting what we got. I made sure the sun acted as either a strong edge light or was blocked by a building.