In The Underside

After a violent accident, a woman struggles to regain consciousness from a coma while her family and their lives continue to move forward.

Watch the official teaser here: YouTube

This film is currently in post-production and is unavailable for public online viewing. If you would like to screen this film for a sample of my work, please contact me via email.

Director: Moe Sleeper
Producers: Ben Schneider, Moe Sleeper


Ben Schneider and Moe Sleeper developed this short film from a play and shorty story of the same name, written by Marjorie E. Brody. They both produced the film and Moe directed it. They asked me to shoot this short in April 2016 and I was beyond excited.

We shot essentially two different worlds, reality and Marnie's subconscious. Reality took place in a hospital, nursing home, and hospice care. The subconscious took place in a completely black void.

The entire film was shot on a soundstage in Burbank, CA. Creating the void was easily done with a fair amount of 20'x20' duvetyne solids wrapped around an open portion of the stage (we of course lined the floor with black duvetyne as well).

The light bulb within the void served as the one of the only connections to Marnie's reality. When she's facing away from the light, she's turning her back on what must come.

The real challenge was the limited movement the characters have in reality. The film is heavy on dialogue and too much blocking would feel staged. We instead focused on perspectives. Nearly every scene should be felt from Marnie's perspective, so our lens choices were directly related to the subject's distance from Marnie's bed.

For example, a close-up of a character at the bed would be done on a 35mm lens, but the close-up of a character standing in the doorway would be done on an 85mm lens. I chose to use the change in image perspective to indicate we were still seeing people from Marnie's perspective.

Production for the film went smoothly and I can not wait to see the results after the final cut.