Inklo is an app that shares weekly serialized stories that an open audience can comment on in real time. This commercial jumps into one of those worlds.

Watch the commercial here: Official YouTube

Director: Tayo Amos
Producer: Tayo Amos


Tayo Amos, a great collaborator and director, asked me to shoot this commercial for her. She wrote the script and spearheaded production with a strong vision.

Three main characters read the story within the story, two archealogists unearth a rare gem but a mysterious hitman kidnaps the senior most archealogist. Determined, the apprentice finds her and battles the hitman.

Because we have a story within a story, Tayo and I wanted to seamlessly move between the two worlds. We agreed that clearly defining lighting for the two worlds would help the audience orient themselves. The story within the story will have a more cinematic look and composition while the top line story was natural.

I kept the top level story at a higher key, lower contrast style of lighting, emphasizing a broad soft light at all times. The story within the story, however, was kept at a higher contrast, low key lighting with light hitting only specific parts of the frame. Indiana Jones was a heavy reference for us.

I mostly kept the story-within-story scenes colorful, using both tungsten and daylight colors. The top level story was more properly white balanced to feel neutral.

I shot the commercial on the Canon C100. We used the Dana Dolly a lot, with the exception for the fight scene, which was entirely handheld.

Our stunt coordinator, Tony Snegoff did a wonderful job with helping Tayo and I plan the blocking for performance and composition. Our idea was to focus on key actions and moments of the fight. We wanted punches to sell, so we didn't plan on cutting on a punch. The only intentional cut in the fight was the flip over of the hitman. However, the flip worked so well they kept it pretty uncut in the final version.

The diffused filter look for the cinematic sequence was added later during the color grade.