This short film can be viewed here: Official YouTube

Director: Matt Iseminger


"AJ, I want you to forget that we're filming a comedy."

This is what director Matt Iseminger told me when we began working on HellyTubby. He wanted to make a horror-comedy-parody trailer about a Tellytubby (Po) terrorizing a man (Anthony Napodano) living alone.

There are a few themes with the lighting and photography for this project. I decided to use blue to symbolize Anthony and red to symbolize Po. Luckily, everything else started to match the color scheme! Furthermore, I started to experiment with dutch angles. I started to dutch the camera the more danger was apparent.

Filming for this project was simple. I had an extremely tiny crew of three (including myself). With the lack of equipment, decided to use the lack of light to help describe the story. Half of this project was filmed in February of 2012 and the other half was filmed in June of 2012.

At the end of the day, my experimentation helped add a layer to the film. I enjoyed making it with everyone and I love watching the final edit!