An inventor frantically tries to repair a mysterious device before time runs out. 

The film can be viewed here: Official Vimeo

Director: Jacob Brooks
Producer: Ruben Nino


Official Selection - 2nd Annual Short Shorts with a Short Leasch
Official Selection - Set Life Filmmaker Showcase 2014
Official Selection - Wild Wild Wild West Con 3
Official Selection - Chicago Shorts Festival 2014
Official Selection - 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival
Best in Show - 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival
Best Short Short - 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival
Best Art Direction - 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival
2nd Place Original Score - 32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival


This project was written, produced, and edited for Scottsdale Community College's TCM 217 - Advance Cinematography Class. The class was structured like an MFA course. The students have four hours to shoot a simple project within the class. Prep time was nearly 24 hours, which all students used on every project.

The idea for this project came when I was dozing off before bed. I needed a simple story to tell which can easily be filmed in four hours. I was really in love with the idea of steampunk, so I figured out a nice little story about an inventory trying to repair this strange device before time runs out (like I already stated).

Lauryn Berger did a fantastic job with the production design for this film. We pulled all the resource we could; renting an old couch, contacting high schools and theatre's, and hand painting the walls with the design we wanted. After hours of work, we began filming within the class time. We finished ten minutes early and wrapped the entire set in 30 minutes. 
My crew for this project were extremely professional; efficiently working, giving all their effort for a quality product. I am now using almost all of them for my current and future projects. Mad props to you guys!

Josh and Victoria were the perfect people to play in this film; they each fit the characters so well and easily played this roles. I am so thankful to have them act in this project.

The song I used in this piece was created by Julien Boulier, a composer living in France who composes Creative Commmon Licensed music. Gadget itself is under the same license because I used the wonderful composition Julien made.