A man contemplates how he became an alcoholic.

The film can be viewed here: Official YouTube

Director: Ryan Kjolberg


Drink was a project director Ryan Kjolberg talked to me about while we were both working on Highway, a different film produced by SCC. He wanted to tell a story about an old man who reflects on his life and how alcohol destroyed it. He wanted it to all take place in a bar, where the memories were. Instantly, I was on board.

Once he gave me the script, I went right ahead making detailed storyboards for every angle. We both wanted the piece to flow, each shot with a specific meaning. A tricky part was keeping track of where the character was looking, or where we wanted the audience to look. Each cut had to keep the audience oriented, but give a different feel of time/space.

As we neared production, Murphy's Law kicked in. Our shots were based on multiple actors playing the main character, Joe. However, actor's schedules begin to collide, and all but one fell through. We found this out almost literally the night before. Ryan and I quickly re-did the shots and still rolled with the punches on set to still have this flow we wanted.

In the end, the project was a success. We managed to use clever camera angles, great make-up, and patience that ended up with a great film. We filmed at Gaby's Bar and Grill, which was so kind to let us film there. The crew was magnificent, half of whom were new students at SCC who I wanted to work with to teach them some of the tricks I, and the other advanced students working on the project, have learned on school projects.