Coyote Howls

After a series of mysterious attacks, a college professor is forced to face his Native American identity, but as he uncovers the truth, the line between reality and delusion blurs.

This film is currently in development. You can find out more at its official website: Official Website

Dir: Barri Chase
Producers: Monica Robinson, Joe Paulet


Coyote Howls will be my second feature with director, Barri Chase. The film addresses the effects of modernization on culture and how to approach health and wellness when it conflicts with tradition and science.

We shot this concept trailer in February 2017, with an emphasize on building mood. The idea is to imply that a nefarious presence was haunting our main character, James. I focused on the strange shapes in nature for a lot of the establishing shots. Furthermore, I used an incredibly slow shutter on a shot of James as he begins to transform; this allowed me to imply the descent into madness.

I used the Sony FS7 with Nikkor Lenses and three Russian lenses (MIR 24M, Helios 44-2, and Jupiter 9).

This project was an early concept and is still in development, so a lot of factors including a set and consistent look haven't be decided yet.

The film will feature Adam Beach and Roger Willie.