Music video for artist Leila Milki about a woman overcoming the depression of her failed relationship.

The music video can be viewed here: Official YouTube

Director: Tayo Amos
Producer: Tayo Amos


Director Tayo Amos asked me to help her shoot this soft music video. The artist, Leila Milki, was to play on a grand piano while remembering her overcoming the failure of a past relationship. We shot this in Los Angeles in three locations; an upstairs loft, gritty studio space, and a river in the valley.

We used a GH4 with Russian lenses, an MIR 24m, Helios 44-2, and Jupiter 9. I shot Vlog with a Rec709 final product intended.

The first location, the upstairs loft, had excellent sunlight coming through the windows. I used that as my main source and controlled the fill levels of her shadows with an 8'x ultrabounce. The camera was mounted onto an 8' jib to allow me smooth movement. There were limitations with the jib, like limited range, but the ability for steadicam like shots out weighed the downsides.

The exterior location was completely in shade and I only used a bounce card for an eyelight.

The final location, an interior gritty studio, had the same approach as the first location. I used the sunlight coming through the windows as my main source while controlling the shadow levels with an ultrabounce. The jib was heavily used again.

The color grade was straight forward; the main performance was colored warm while the story evolved from a cold blue to neutral tones as she overcame her depression.