(AJ on set of Stygian)

When growing up, my brother and I watched movies. A lot of movies. During the summer, instead of riding bikes down to the local pool, we preferred to stay home and make lego films. My parents encouraged us to explore creatively with simple cameras we had around the house instead of purchasing the hot new one. Sure, our little movies were never finished, but going through the process was the best part for us. Most importantly, I learned good cinematography isn't about a camera, but the person behind it. 

I began learning, working, and creating as a cinematographer in 2010 and have never looked back. I love the idea of getting into a filmmaker's head and bringing their vision to life. The smile on a director's face during dailies are what I look forward to.

(AJ at the 85th Academy Awards)

I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, a prestigous film school with heavy concentration on cinematography. While attending Columbia, I was invited to the 85th Academy Awards to join Team Oscar and present trophies on stage to the winners.

I also finished The Film School program at Scottsdale Community College, with my focus on cinematography. I helped found Mesa Community College's resident improv troupe, Scripts on Strike, and directed the troupe for one year. I was a projectionst for nearly six years with Harkins Theatres, specializing in 35mm film projection before converting to digital cinema.

Filmming any aspect of life is what I love; it drives me to bring your idea, your story, to life. Features, shorts, documentaries, and any form of visual communication are what I want to shoot. I always use your time wisely and never aim to waste a minute or a dime.

Thorough planning is my virtue. Perfect collaboration is my goal. A beautiful image is my passion.