A Trip Realized

A young woman decides to take a trip to her home country of Ethiopia years after a childhood tragedy.

The film can be viewed here: Official Vimeo

Director: Tayo Amos


I love working with director Tayo Amos and I jumped onto her next short film the minute she called. The stories she tells are always touching, and this one was particularly moving.

Tayo wanted an intimate, handheld feel for most of the film. The globe we used for the opening scene was our only source of illumination. Both father and daugther are excited by the coming adventure, and the warm light coming from the globe helped create this happy memory.

Working with a child actor, especially one this young, can be a challenge. However, Tayo was excellent at keeping her engaged and she would completely forget about the camera.

A free flowing, moving camera was the ideal choice for this story. The camera became more reserved years later in the story, but we never lost the exciting and rough elements of the handheld memories.

The project was shot on the Panasonic GH4 with a mixture of Nikkor and Russian primes. Nikkor lenses were used for the modern scenes while the Russian lenses were used for the memories. The older, more imperfect Russian lenses gave a somewhat dreamy look to the memories in comparison to the more modern looking Nikkors.