The 4th Meeting

A young widow attends group counseling for "Survivor's Guilt" in order to confront the circumstances surrounding her husband's death.

This film is currently touring the film festival circuit and is unavailable for public online viewing. If you would like to screen this film for a sample of my work, please contact me via email.

Best Picture - 2014 Black Harvest Film Festival
Best Actress - 2014 Black Harvest Film Festival



Joshua MacNeal is a Chicago based artist. He approached me during the winter of 2012 about his feature The 4th Meeting. After reading the script, I was hooked. This wasn't a story about crime, war, or divinity, but of accepting your actions.

Written by MacNeal and Cy Weismen, The 4th Meeting follows Diana months after a car accident that took her husband's life and more than physically damaged her. Suddenly, Diana's estranged sister Kimberly is thrust back into her life. While struggling to deal with Kimberly's troubled past, Diana comes to terms with where her life is headed.

Set ups for this film were minimal, but intentional. I knew, going in, that my equipment options will be limited. Instead of trying to make up for my limitations, I embraced them. Utilizing the environments, I tried to use what was already there rather than create a blank slate.

Furthermore, I tried to show Diana's meetings in a way that would emphasize their importance. Most of the film takes place in a dark place during her life, but the group support meetings would symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to let the windows blow out during the initial meetings until things became clear for the audience, and eventually Diana.